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2012: What is Happening?
Whitley Strieber points out that asteroid activity in the solar system is increasing as we approach 2012.

US Naval Observatory verifies 2012 synchronicity
They track soltices and equinoxes, and their calculations for 2012 are startling.

The Mayan Calendar
On December 21, 2012, the Mayan Calendar will end. How did the Mayans choose this date, and what are the implications for society and the planet?

Edgar Cayce and 2012
What did The Sleeping Prophet have to say about 2012?

Hopi Blue Star Prophecy
Could it come to pass in 2012?

Billy Meier's 2012 Predictions
What did this one-armed Swiss farmer predict for 2012?

2012 Topics

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Whitley Strieber on 2012
US Navy verifies 2012 synchronicity
The Mayan Calendar
Billy Meier's 2012 Predictions
Hopi Blue Star Prophecy

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